December 18, 2008

X-Men Origins; Wolverine... or "How To Screw With A License".

This last Tuesday the trailer for X-Men Origins; Wolverine was released on the internet. Being a huge Marvel fan I couldn't miss it, but, still, this is a 20th Century Fox franchise (as were the previous, crappy X-Men movies) and as usual, more than and adaptation, this one is the "take this and change it as you will, and make a crappy movie" type of film.

First, kids, yes Emma Frost and Sean Cassidy are featured here (White Queen and Banshee respectively) but this is not their first time on film, as the wikipedia (grand source of misinformation claims), as many of you will remember, there was a direct-to-video film called Generation X about the team of young mutants that are being taught by Emma and Sean how to use their powers, and well, about this film, don't know what they are doing here.

Ok, back to our feature presentation, this is the first time that the rajin' cajun appears in a movie, but, I don't know why is it that Marvel Comics hates him so much, that he seems to be a big bad here, when, according to the Uncanny X-Men/X-Men and canon titles, they didn't meet until Wolverine was already an X-Man, plus, Gambit was shown as a charming-yet-dark mutant desperately seeking to redeem his sins, a bit like Angel the vampire. And it seems both in comics (lately) and movies, well, Gambit is just a guy that the X-men knew once that is a villain, ruthless and souless, and, he doesn't have red eyes and he looks like some pimp.

Next, Sabretooth, well... didn't they have one already? Schreiber is a good actor, but he is no Sabretooth,
Zakk Wylde would be a good Sabretooth (as Danzig, Wolverine). Here Sabretooth looks like Angel the vampire with a bad-nail day. Another Sabretooth issue, is that in X-Men 1, they act as if they didn't knew each other, and the character is radically different (and cooler) in that picture.

Deadpool, ok, looks like a ninja, which is not bad, but, he is not disfigured (as far as i could tell from the trailer), but, I read he will eventually get scarred.

Then, there is kid Storm and a young Cyclops. Again, what the hell are they doing in this film?
Also, why the hell is Agent Zero Korean???

My opinion overall, well, there's going to be a lot of action (to cover the fact that the story seems so ridiculous), and with all this characters, it will be messy at best. I'm watching it only because of the sad, yet only Gambit to have appeared on screen at the cinema (other than his name in a computer screen in X-Men 2).

"I'm the best there is at what I do. But what I do best isn't very nice."
-Wolverine, Uncanny X-Men #162-