November 25, 2008

Fuck Suicide Girls!

Originally published on my Myspace blog in 2007.

And I don't mean it in the nice, fun way (and notice there is no "the", all the respect in the world goes out to the girls), but FUCK Suicide Girls as a concept and organization.
A few years back, when it all started, I remember girls like Nixon and Aiki and the concept of girls with personality, fresh ideas. different ways of thinking, and I would safely say counter-cultural attitude. Now it's like Playboy with tattoos (and of course. some actual playmates have tattoos...) I mean; what is so special about SG then? Don't get me wrong, I am all for naked beauties, but when this is all about like, pimping everyone and everything on it's path, preying on insecure and impressionable young girls to get idiotic generic tattoos, to mock cultures and ideologies with their conformist, shallow mentality, using their flesh for advertisement, just like the normal mainstream does --and I am pretty sure that dyke Missy is just using it like her own personal harem, which I think is a mindfuck. The manipulation of insecure girls goes like this "My site is the only way to be an accepted person if you like to think different" well, FUCK THAT SHIT. To me, killing individuality, and more so in the struggle that has been female freedom, using girls to advertise rock shows, like this show with Steve Adler here, or that crappy In This Moment show (to which any number of girls with tattoos, just as beautiful and with no affiliation can show-up to), they might as well be managing the bimbos in beer advertisement. What's so special about SG affiliates and the site as a whole?
Well, contrary to popular belief, it was founded by a guy named Sean Suhl (not that predator dyke Missy), this guy has been described as "a verbally abusive misogynist, who exploits women" by former SG Sicily. I've read about this, and heard directly from victims of this site that they have been sexually harassed, they have been exploited, their contracts not meeting what was expected from them, SG threatening to sue the girls that come out against them, and taking the liberty to publish material they had no authorization to use in the first place. You want to support a place like that? Seriously?
I'm not going to drop any names, but I know a few girls of the new "line" (like a generic car assembly line, yes), they aren't bad people,  but,  they are so shallow, empty, and naive, who's ideas about life were taken from some MTV show. They willingly submit to this, in order to "belong". Who wants a pretty package when there is nothing inside? It's pathetic, young girls waiting to be 18 in order to get a mediocre tattoos of a star and get naked for SG, and the organization is all up for this. Well, I personally don't want to be a part of that, too bad that you had to go from Bone Room diva Nixon to this. Kids, remember your heroes but KILL YOUR IDOLS. You alone should be your idol.
A *big hug* goes out to former SGs Garter, Sicily, London, Apnea, Shera, Voltaire, and Dusty for having to put up with this shit.

"To find everything profound — that is an inconvenient trait. It makes one strain one's eyes all the time, and in the end one finds more than one might have wished." -Friedrich Nietzsche-

Once more unto the breach, dear friends...

Is how the third act of William Shakespeare's Henry V play begins. And here I am again, writing down and imposing my view of the world on the internet in the most vulgar and incoherent way possible.
I make a vow to keep up with it if you make a vow to read it (but since no one is reading, guess I am off the hook ;).

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