June 20, 2009


Hello beautiful people, how do you do? Well, this is a first one here, this is going to be an actual "Dear diary..." post, and I'm going to keep it like that from now on, let's be honest, who wants to hear me complain, more than the usual. If you want my opinion about something, you can always ask for it ^^

As many of you know I'm very into comic books and for the last couple of years I have been wanting to break through the biz. Been working with Benjamin Estrada since November of last year in Greetings from Murderville, a sci-fi tale about vampiric politics and human revolution. I also have been writing "Sin Comentarios" (haven't decided the title in English yet) which is a comedy inspired in sitcoms and the life my cousin Chachi and I had back when we worked in a convenience store a couple of years ago (and yes, it is quite different from Clerks), filled with rather bizarre, funny and somewhat interesting experiences and reflections. Sadly, as much as I love this little enterprise, it hasn't found a conceptual certainty, home or visual artist. Plus I myself have been having trouble on defining the style, in an ideal world, this is meant to reflect alternative scenes as they work in Mexico City, but since well, there is an intimate relationship on my behalf to America and well, Mexico draws a lot from it as well.
It's been a hell for me deciding what could work or not in context, or for the audience; other thing that worries me, most people here, don't give a fuck about comics, hence why it must also be made available for the English speaking community in the Internet, but I am afraid they will have a hard time identifying with the comic. Any comments regarding anything are always welcome.

I have no idea when the Golden Age was, but as far as I'm concerned, wherever I am is the Golden Age! -Stan Lee-