March 3, 2009

Angel; Aftermath: Beautifuly bringing back the status quo.

Just finished reading this issue, after After The Fall, everything seems to be back to normal but, everything seems to be so different at the same time.
It's an interesting way to set-up the new arc. It does have a "new season" feel to it. A well-known character is back being suspiciously nice, and maybe W&H is not so-long-gone after all.
Though we don't see much of good ol' Spike, Lorne, and Gunn, it looks so very interesting, and I am sure we'll see these guys around.
Kelley Armstrong is doing a nice job plot & script-wise, even though it will only last 6 issues, I can safely say the story won't go stale due to a change in the writer side. And art-wise, Dave Ross did a very nice job, and I enjoyed it so much, it's what this title needed, someone other than Franco Urru, which personally, almost ruined After The Fall for me, and Ross did nicely.
I wish the guys from Comic Book Club tackled this issue, specially since Alex is a huge fan as well.
By the way, Dollhouse rocks and Whedon still proves to be quite an entertainment genius! Though in my opinion, Season 8 is getting a bit out of control ever since that issue written by Jane Espenson, no wonder that Point Pleasant show did poorly.

"Very occasionally, if you really pay attention, life doesn’t suck." -Joss Whedon-