August 1, 2011


This was originally a post I made at and I thought, it could work here too:

Obviously, the following writers have made some awesome comics, but, to me, their status seems unjustified.

Brian Michael Bendis
: I love his Daredevil and Powers, but his run as Marvel's master of ceremonies was stupid at best, and his take on most titles read like it was Clerks.

Grant Morrisson: All-Star Superman is one of the best Supes reads ever, and Animal Man was nothing less than brilliant. That being said, I hate his tendency to make everything over-the-top for the sake of it like what happened with New X-Men, he really didn't get what the X-Men are about, and Joss Whedon had to jump on board to clean his mess. The Invisibles to me were a hippie mess that tried to be revolutionary but didn't know how to, and to me his take on Batman was childish at best, not to metion the out of time thing and the bullet could be a rip-off of what happened to Captain America. Also, his tendency for obscure references is mere fan service, not genius...

Geoff Johns: He is a solid writer overall, but, he basically is obsessed with fan service and Silver Age revival, and that tends to get in the way of good ideas he has that turn out to be less than spectacular.

Stan Lee: Don't get me wrong, the man had great ideas and was a master of PR, but most of his great ideas were executed and taken to the goal line by others.

Kevin Smith: The Golden Nerd Boy used to do such great things like Green Arrow and Daredevil. After Batman; Cacophopny, I am AMAZED he still has a job in the comic book industry. He obviously understands Batman less than Tim Burton does, his take on the Green Hornet was insulting, and I'm not a fan of the Six Million Dollar Man, but I bet the fans will get pissed.

Mark Millar: His best work is interesting, like Red Son and 1985, but they aren't like groundbreaking legendary by any means. Kick-Ass was moronic, it wasn't realistic at all, or how many Hit Girls do you know? If you call that realistic, my next door neighbor should be Bruce Wayne!

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